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Darkhearted - Darhearted is a bitch to describe. To me it looks like a Very Blackened Purple Holo laced with a slew of pink flakes on top for good measure., but then It pulls really blue in photos that i've seen, but, one of my swatchers said when i asked her, said., and i quote., "that shit aint purple, it's navy" i still say its purple dammit!!!...lolol., but what the f@#% do I know?!?? LOL

Swatches L-R courtesy of: Pointless Cafe, Ida Nails It, Be happy & Buy Polish, Bedlam Beauty/@pgsnichole and @Notoriousnickysnails

I encourage you that before you buy, to go to my blog: http://thepolishedcrow.blogspot.com where i have posted all of the swatches and review links. <3
and look at all of the photos of the trio.